Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ordering to go when you're dining in...

You know what drives me absolutely insane? People who order to go when they're dining in. The other day I went to Bell Tower (one of the dining halls on campus for those of you who are non-miamians) to grab some lunch. They always ask if you would like your order to go or if you're eating in. I hardly ever get food to go, just because I'm all about going green these days and in the dining hall the difference between dining in and getting to go means saving a little piece of our planet. If you get to go, all of your food goes in a paper or plastic container, but if you eat in, you get the real deal...china and a metal fork. First of all, I don't know why someone wouldn't want to eat with a metal fork? It makes me feel like I'm more at home...a fancier encounter...which is not a common on-campus experience. My point is, is that I see over half the people dining in who have ordered their food to go. I don't understand the reasoning behind just doesn't make sense. So for those of you who are ordering to go and eating in...well...just don't. It makes me sad. Enough said.

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